Welcome to Boston’s Holistic & Naturopathic Wellness Institute!

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Caring for the Whole Person, the Whole Family, and the Whole Community

Welcome to the Cabral Anti-Aging & Wellness Institution. It’s time now to experience the difference in true wellness care!

We specialize in Holistic and Naturopathic healing that enables your body and mind to return to its natural state of vitality, abundant energy, and complete health.

Your natural health and well-being mean everything to us and we consider it our mission to ensure you live your life with maximum health and happiness.

We can and will help you achieve that.

What We Specialize In


Boston holistic healthThe Cabral Institute specializes in helping clients with chronic degenerative diseases and other health issues. We do not diagnose or treat the disease itself, but rather look for and uncover the deeper root causes and imbalances that are acting as triggers, which are keeping you from achieving peak health and wellness.

Once your imbalances are discovered through a series of functional medical tests we will develop an individualized Personalized Wellness Plan® to bring your body and mind back into a state of equilibrium. It is at this point you will fully understand what it means to be living in a state of true health and vitality.

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Boston holistic health centerAging is typically characterized by a reduction in energy, vitality, health, skin elasticity, and hormone levels, while at the same time an increase in aches, pains, memory loss, and chronic degenerative diseases.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to expect or live a life where each year you feel more fatigued, riddled with joint pain, overweight, depressed, and generally worn down.

At the Cabral Wellness Institute we will help you develop a unique anti-aging protocol based on your energy, hormone, detox, organ health, and brain function. Over the course of your Personalized Wellness Plan® you will literally be able to see your positive health levels rise, and at the same time watch your risk factors decrease for negative health-related diseases and  cancer.

Take control over the way you age and how you want to live the rest of your life. Choose health over disease, and energy and vitality over aches, pains, and decrepitness.

>> Get started today and enjoy vibrant health and aging!

Weight Loss

With over 100,000 private weight loss training sessions completed we can assure you there is no one more capable of helping you lose the weight and keep it off forever. The reason for this is that we understand how the human body functions and what it needs to return to and achieve a healthy weight.

You’ll be provided with not just a workout, but an actual program that includes a complete nutrition weight loss plan, realistic real-world sample meal plans, lifestyle changes, fat loss intervals, off-day workouts, and every other factor you could think of that will help you take the weight off the fastest and safest way possible.

Plus, you’ll get weekly accountability check-ins, motivational support, and a partner that truly cares about your results.

>> Get started today and let us help you lose the weight and feel great!

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